1.) Register an Account

If you haven’t already, please register an account by CLICKING HERE

2.) Download T3PRO App

Please make sure you download the app from Google Play Store if you have an Android phone, or the Apple Store if you have an iPhone. 


NOTE: You will NOT be allowed to log in until after your account profile has been reviewed and approved. 

3.) View Open Jobs

After logging in, you can swipe your finger down the JOBS screen to load any available jobs.

Tap VIEW JOB to review the full details of the job.


3.) Accept or Reject Jobs

After viewing the job details, you can do the following:

ACCEPT – this app will automatically call the customer. (Your phone number will NOT be shown to the customer)

        – If another field technician accepted this job before you, this job will no longer be available and this job will disappear from your list.

        – If this job is no longer available, and another field technician could not resolve this job, this job will come back to your list of jobs as “UNRESOLVED”

REJECT – this job will disappear from your Job List.

– NOTES – see additional information about this job

FLAG –  you can flag this job and send it back to Admin.  (Jobs will be NOT be flag without any notes added.)

4.) Job Results


 After ending a call with the customer,  you will receive a popup with options to change the job status.


On Hold: Keep job in your list

*Note: Jobs can only be on-hold for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the job will be flagged no longer be available. 


Unresolved: Unfinished, send back to Tier1.

    *All Unresolved Jobs will only be available for 10 minutes before job is flagged.

    *Notes are required to collect points. See points system below. 


Completed: No notes, no points.

     *This job will be removed from your job list and will appear in your HISTORY screen.

     *Notes are required to collect points. See points system below.


Flagged: Problem, send to Admin.




5.) View History

After your call with the customer, you can review your existing jobs here.


6.) View Your Feedback

You can see all of your feedback rating per customer. Your score matters!


7.) Redeem Points

Go to the ACCOUNT screen and tap on “REDEEM POINTS” button and you will be redirected to our Rewards Page where you can redeem your points for cash or other products!




Completed Jobs with notes
– If call time is below 15 min, = 500 points
– after 15 min = 500 points plus and 50 points per min
– after 30 min = (500 + 750 + 25 points per min)
Unresolved Jobs with notes = 100 points


1 to 3 stars rating = no points
4 stars rating with notes = 250 points
5 stars rating with notes = 500 points